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Events in Krakow

See current and upcoming entertainment events in Krakow

Krakow Events in August 2021.

Concerts, festivals, opera, ballet, various shows, and other events anticipated in Krakow months ahead. 


/Further below please find selected events in Krakow beyond the end of August 2021/. 

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Entertainment events in Krakow planned for August 2021.

August 15th, Sunday: Tour de Pologne multi-stage bicycle race finishes at the Blonia common.
August 28th, Saturday:
Concert The World's Most Beloved Tenor features Italy’s stellar singer Andrea Bocelli in Tauron Arena Krakow, 7 Lema street, at 7 pm (tickets from 199 PLN).

Events in Krakow scheduled for September 2021

Krakow entertainment events anticipated in October 2021

Events in Krakow planned for December 2021

YEAR 2022

Events in Krakow planned for July 2022

July 13th, Wednesday: USA’s veteran rock band, Aerosmith, performs in Tauron Arena Krakow, 7 Lema street.

Events expected in Krakow in November 2022

November 7th, Monday: Canada’s pop singer The Weeknd performs, After Hours Tour, in Tauron Arena Krakow at 7 Lema street..

See current and coming events in Krakow

Events in Krakow this month and in the next one.

 Selected events and festivals in Krakow

Opera Rara festival in Krakow

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