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Communication tips for Krakow visitors. 

How to get and stay in touch when in Krakow.


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a tip for Krakow visitors

Your foreign-operator GSM cell phone should work in Krakow as it does in the rest of Europe outside your own country but check with your telecom if they have a roaming deal with any of Poland's counterparts. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Your Polish cell phone will positively work in Krakow.

a tip for Krakow visitors

When operational, keep your cell phone off in restaurants, museums, theaters, churches, etc even if it appears that others don’t mind.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Public phones are fairly available throughout Krakow in street booths. With none in sight, try in any accessible lobby. Once found, a public phone will easily connect you with any place on the earth provided you feed it with the telephone card. You may purchase it at the nearest newsstand or shop. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

A number of internet cafes have survived in downtown Krakow. The rate is roughly 0.75 euro per hour. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Free public WiFi is accessible in a wide range of public spaces in Krakow such as shopping malls, train and bus stations, and museums. Also coffee houses and eateries but sometimes you need to ask the staff  for an access code. And there are places where free WiFi access is available alfresco.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Never bet overly on the language skills of ordinary Poles, they speak English only somewhat better than the Frenchmen. Young people in their twenties often speak good English. All those in tourist services are supposed to be fluent in English.  

a tip for Krakow visitors

Don’t guess Polish spelling pronunciation, it’s simple but different. “Keep the rest” is Polish “Reszty nie trzeba” in writing, and “Raeshty nye chaeba” in English phonetic transcription.

a tip for Krakow visitors

All Poles are literate. Write in block letters Polish addresses and names you want to inquire about.

a tip for Krakow visitors

When inquiring about directions ask another person to confirm from an independent source what you heard before. People happen to have better intention than information or better information than intention.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Don’t be baffled when the locals spell the English name of the city as ‘Cracow’. Many natives use the dated spelling in a misplaced effort to prove their language skills.

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