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Maria Magdalena square in Krakow

Safety tips for Krakow visitors.

How to be on the safe side in Krakow, Poland.

The emergency phone number for integrated services is 112 but one may call directly the police at 997, the fire brigade at 998, and ambulance at 999. All four telephone numbers are toll-free. Unfortunately, there are little chances anybody on the other end would speak fluent English. So, if you do not speak Polish yourself, get somebody who does (surprisingly many Krakow natives prove very helpful in need). 

Police stations do not employ interpreters, but they will bring one from the Krakow headquarters if necessary.


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Krakow in Poland

Stay safe in Krakow
Poland is generally safer than most European countries, east or west. And Krakow is safer than other major cities in Poland.

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Our Krakow Tips

Communication tips
How to get and stay in touch when in Krakow.

Transport tips
 How to move around in Krakow.


Health tips
How to stay healthy in Krakow.

Tips on manners
What does it mean to have good manners in Krakow. 

Tips for the Business Visitor Coming to Krakow


a tip for Krakow visitors

Carry your money, credit cards and passport in a money belt or in a safe pocket, and grip firmly the handbag if it is precious to you. 

a tip for Krakow visitors

Beware pickpockets in any crowded place but notably in the airport, at railroad stations, bus stops, shops, and on public transport.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Watch your luggage closely in the train, bus, streetcar, and in the airport, railroad station, bus depot, etc.

a tip for Krakow visitors

When traveling by rail possibly avoid noisy company as well as empty carriages or compartments.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Do not accept food or drinks from strangers, notably alcohol and especially on a long journey by train.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Do not make friends in the street.

a tip for Krakow visitors

In the night keep to well lit streets.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Do not buy any valuable goods, notably gold, in the street.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Safeguard your car well against theft and even then do not leave it in remote places for very long.

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