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Rather than cruising the streets Krakow taxies wait in long lines for their cargo to find them at numerous cab-stands scattered throughout the city. But you may hail one if it happens to pass by you.

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Watch the taximeter. Also fares per one kilometer that should be displayed in the window of the right-hand rear door. It's free market and some taxi corporations and many independent cabbies prefer fleecing customers to undercutting competitors.

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One-way bus or streetcar ticket is 3.8 zlotys. You may also purchase tickets good for all trams and buses, valid for a set period of time. The tickets are available at newsstands and from ticket machines at some stops and in many buses as well tram cars. Immediately after boarding put your ticket through the stamping machine and keep till you get out. Tickets bought aboard the bus or the tram also need to be stamped asap. 

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Beware of pickpockets in buses and streetcars more than anywhere else.

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If possible, leave your vehicle at your hotel's car park and take bus or taxi instead. On the one hand, it is difficult to find a place in downtown Krakow to park; on the other, driving after drinking as little as one beer is an offense in Poland.

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You need to pay for parking your car in the street in the city center between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays. One may buy a ticket from machines installed at every street in the area. They accept the Polish coins and don't give the change. You should pay one zloty to park twenty minutes, three zlotys for one hour, 6.5 zloty for two hours, and 10.6 zloty for three hours. Leave your ticket visible behind the windshield. 

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Horse-drawn carriages practically throughout year, while electric carts and cycle rickshaws from springtime through autumn wait for you on Krakow's central Rynek Glowny grand square and elsewhere in the Old Town.

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