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street cafe at Krakow's central square

Old Town and central square

The generous heart of Krakow.

Wawel Hill

Wawel Royal Castle

The home to four dynasties of Polish kings.

sarcophagus of King Vladislav I the Short

Krakow Cathedral

The most historic church in Poland.

Wieliczka salt mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Subterranean world of wonder.

Krakow's Rynek Glowny grand square

St. Mary's church

Gothic treasure trove of church art.

Krakow's Old Synagogue

Kazimierz town

Historic churches, monasteries, nightlife, and Jewish quarter.

Collegium Maius, the Great College of the Krakow University

Collegium Maius

Medieval grand college of Krakow University.

Touring old Krakow's streets in a carriage (Kanonicza street)

Kanonicza street

Probably most scenic street of Europe.

the sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Krakow UNESCO World Heritage sites

Certified world heritage in Krakow and nearby.

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