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Obwarzanek, the traditional snack in Krakow

Food in Krakow Central Krakow bursts with restaurants of all sorts. Any cuisine to be found yet Polish, international, and Italian menus prevail. Popular fast foods are burgers, pizzas, and kebabs.

stay comfy in in Krakow, rent a holiday apartment

Krakow lodgings Most hotels in Krakow are 3-star tourist staples. The city's many holiday rentals (flats) compete with them on price and comfort. Young or frugal visitors opt for hostels which often beat low-end hotels.

the Polish strawberry

Money One needs Polish zloty (PLN) in Krakow as only few big stores accept euro. Banks and currency exchanges (Kantor) gladly buy any foreign cash but check rates and fees first. ATMs are everywhere downtown and plastic is widely used.   

Ice-age woolly rhinoceros in the Krakow museum of natural history

Safety in Krakow Crime stays low in Krakow compared to other EU cities. Krakow streets are fairly secure. Still pickpockets and car theft take their toll on tourists.

Touring old Krakow's streets in a carriage (Kanonicza street)

Public transport Though Krakow lacks metro, its dense system of buses and trams makes the city easy to navigate. Alas, it takes time in heavy traffic. Taxis are affordable in Krakow but beware of cheats.

Old shop windows at the museum in Schindler factory, Krakow

Shopping in Krakow Shops open every day save most Sundays and a few national holidays. Usual hours are 10 am to 7 pm, shopping malls 10 am to 10 pm. Massive sales happen in Krakow in February and July.   

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