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Whom, when, and How to Tip in Krakow. 

In Krakow you are free to tip people as you please. Yet few look out for some spare change in reward for their services, however petty. Still, some do expect a gratuity. 


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Tips for the Business Visitor Coming to Krakow

a tip for Krakow visitors

Tip the hotel staff as you use to do it in your own country.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Tips are not included in your Krakow restaurant checks, so when satisfied with the service you are welcome to express it either by leaving some cash on the table or by rounding up the bill.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Besides waiters also hairdressers, manicurists, and their likes expect to be tipped, but hardly anyone else.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Taxi-driver will anticipate your gratitude in cash for some really special favor (e.g. carrying you upstairs in his arms).

a tip for Krakow visitors

The above applies to other foot soldiers of the service sector.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Small gifts such as confectionery or flowers are regular currency in trading petty favors, while a bottle of brandy or perfumes prove substantial thankfulness.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Holiday “gifts” to mailmen, garbage men, janitors, etc. are still unheard-of in Poland.

a tip for Krakow visitors

Yet employers customarily reward regular employees with a bonus before Christmas.

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