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  Krakow has arguably the best museums in Poland.  



  • National Museum in Krakow, Main Building (Gmach Glowny Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie) at 1, 3 Maja street incorporates three permanent exhibitions: Gallery of the 20th-century Polish Art (closed till 2019), Gallery of Decorative Art, and The Gallery of Polish Arms and Uniforms. The Main Building is also the principal venue for the Krakow National Museum's temporary shows and other events.

  • National Museum in Krakow, Gallery of 19th-century Polish Art in Cloth Hall (Galeria Sztuki Polskiej XIX Wieku w Sukiennicach) at 1 Rynek Glowny occupies the upper floors of the 16-century fine Renaissance building standing right in the middle of the Old Town's central square. The gallery exhibits the best known paintings by Polish favorite artists of the past. 

  • Krakow Museum of Archeology (Muzeum Archeologiczne) at 3 Poselska street, next to Planty gardens and near the Wawel Royal Castle, shows prehistory through excavations, antiquities, models, and multimedia. And some of its exhibits are absolutely unique. The museum occupies a building with long and turbulent history.

  • Museum of Municipal Engineering (Muzeum Inzynierii Miejskiej) at 15 Sw. Wawrzynca street, is situated in buildings of Krakow's former tram depot of the early 20th century. Its three permanent shows exhibit old trams, Polish vintage cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles, and printing equipment from the past.

  • Home Army Museum (Muzeum Armii Krajowej) at 12 Wita Stwosza street shows the Polish resistance during WW2 in an innovative way.  

  • Ancient Art Gallery (Galeria Sztuki Starozytnej) in Krakow's medieval arsenal at 8 Pijarska street exhibits Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artefacts. 

  • Old Synagogue (Stara Synagoga) at 24 Szeroka street, in the Kazimierz Jewish quarter, is a part-Renaissance and part-Gothic building of the 16th century turned into a branch of the Krakow Historical Museum dedicated to the long traditions of Jews who lived in the city since the Middle Ages.

  • Polish Aviation Museum (Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego) at 39 Jana Pawla II avenue, in the Czyzyny neighborhood, occupies the site of Krakow's oldest airport. Its collection of aircraft counts among the world's biggest and includes very old, very rare, and very special aeroplanes.

  • MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow is situated on the grounds of the former Oskar Schindler's factory at 4 Lipowa street. The museum strives to show the recent Polish and foreign art. 

  • Jagiellonian Unversity Museum (Muzeum Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego) in the Collegium Maius medieval college at 15 Jagiellonska street exhibits ancient interiors, scientific instruments, memorabilia, etc.

  • Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum (Muzeum im. Emeryka Hutten-Czapskiego) at 12 Pilsudskiego street shows Poland's best collection of coins, medals, and banknotes. Also Polish ancient books, memorabilia, and old weapons. A branch of the National Museum in Krakow

  • Szolayski House (Kamienica Szolayskich) at 9 Plac Szczepanski square and Szczepanska street, a branch of the Krakow National Museum, presents exhibition of Mloda Polska period art from the turn of the 20th century.

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