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All Souls festival of organ music in Krakow

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Program of the 2021 Jan Jargon Organ All Souls Festival of music.

Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Zaduszki Organowe im. prof. Jana Jargonia

All Souls festival of organ music takes place every year in early November with daily concerts at Krakow's historic churches.

October 30th through November 9th, 2020.

Note: things keep changing, so take into account, please, that the following program is liable to alterations. 


October 30th, Saturday


Event Venue
7 p.m. Krakow’s organist Dariusz Bakowski-Kois and his students Bartlomiej Maziarz, Jakub Kapala, Stanislaw Hrynkiewicz, and Marcin Kucharczyk play Marcel Dupre’s prelude and fugue in H major op. 7 no. 1 (1912), Variations sur un Noel op. 20 (1922), Variations Adeste fideles (1929), Vision op. 44 (1947), Psaume XVIII Celi enarrant gloriam Dei op. 47 (1949), and Sortie op. 62/III (1965) (free admission) Bazylika oo. Jezuitow church, 26 Kopernika street.

November 2nd, Tuesday


Event Venue
7 p.m.
Krakow’s organist Marcin Szelest and his students Artur Szczerbinin, Piotr Michalik, Marcin Surdziel, and Adam Zajac play Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck’s Toccata SwWV 285, Fantasia SwWV 261, Paduana Lachrymae SwWV 328, Balleth del granduca SwWV 319, Unter den Linden grune SwWV 325, Toccata SwWV 288, Psalm 23 Mein Huter und mein Hirt SwWV 310, Von der Fortuna werd ich getrieben SwWV 320, Da pacem Domine in diebus nostris SwWV 302, and Fantasia Ut re mi fa sol la SwWV 263 (free admission).  Kosciol sw. Krzyza church, sw. Krzyza street and Plac sw. Ducha squaret. 

November 3rd, Wednesday


Event Venue
8 p.m. Krakow’s organist Wac³aw Golonka plays Georg Friedrich Handel’s Sinfonia from Saul oratorio HWV 53, Johann Kaspar Kerll’s Passacaglia, Johann Pachelbel’s Ciacona in d, Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis’s fuga in C sharp major, Marian Sawa’s Fantazja nordycka, Peter Eben’s Partita, and Dmitri Dianov’s Tarantella (free admission).  Skalka Sanctuary’s church, 15 Skaleczna street. 

November 4th, Thursday


Event Venue
8 p.m. Belgium’s organist Peter Van de Velde plays Paul de Maleingreau’s suite op. 14, Leon Jongen’s In memoriam regis, and Camille Jacquemin’s organ symphony in H minor (free admission). Bazylika oo. Karmelitow Carmelite church, 19 Karmelicka street. 

November 5th, Friday


Event Venue
7 p.m. Poland’s organist Elzbieta Karolak plays Feliks Nowowiejski’s organ symphony no. 4 in D minor op. 45 no. 4 and In Paradisum op. 61  (free admission). basilica of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary, 3 Siostry Faustyny street. 

November 6th, Saturday


Event Venue
7 p.m. Estonia’s organist Ines Maidre plays Rudolf Tobias’s 12 Chorale Preludes (1914), Nun ruhen alle Walder (1914), fugue in D minor (1905), and Peeter Suda’s fugue in F minor (1910), basso ostinato (1914), Ave Maria (1914), Pastorale (1920), prelude and fugue in G minor (1920), and Scherzino (1917) (free admission). Bazylika oo. Jezuitow church, 26 Kopernika street. 

November 7th, Sunday


Event Venue
5 p.m. Poland’s organist Marek Fronc plays Gerard Bunk’s Einleitung, Variationen und Fuge uber ein Altniderlandisches Volkslied in D minor op. 31, Elegie in H minor  op. 28 no. 3, Adagio in D flat major  op. 28 no. 4, Canzone in G major op. 54 no. 7, and Passacaglia in A minor  op. 40 (free admission). Bazylika Bozego Ciala church, 26 Bozego Ciala street and sw. Wawrzynca street. 

November 8th, Monday


Event Venue
8 p.m. Poland’s violinist Aleksandra Honcel-Banek and organist Bartlomiej Banek play Johann Sebastian Bach’s prelude and fugue in E flat major BWV 552, Tomaso Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor, Georg Böhm’s Vater unser im Himmelreich, Tomaso Antonio Vitali’s Chaconne in g, and Mieczyslaw Surzynski’s Improvisations on Holy God Theme op. 38  (free admission). Skalka Sanctuary’s church, 15 Skaleczna street. 

November 9th, Tuesday


Event Venue
7 p.m. The Netherlands’ organist Jochem Schuurman plays Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck’s Psalm 140 and Toccata 9 toni SwWV 296, Georg Bohm’s Nun bitten wir den Heil'gen Geist, Praeludium in F, Matthias Weckmann’s Fuga in d, Dietrich Buxtehude’s Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ BuxWV 196 and Toccata in F BuxWV 156 (free admission). Kosciol sw. Krzyza church, sw. Krzyza street and Plac sw. Ducha square. 
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