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Dining Out Economically in Krakow.

Western visitors find all Krakow eateries inexpensive, more or less. But some places are still exceptional bargains. 

You don't need much to have a good meal in Krakow. For one thing the city is awash with fast food - from hamburger joints to kebabs to salad bars. For another, there is no lack of genuine restaurants with budget menus. And some diners offer a three-course dinner for as little as an equivalent of three euro, or less. Hardly gourmet food, it nonetheless is healthy, fresh, and filling. 


Actually, the wide choice of affordable eateries in Krakow is somewhat perplexing. Bistros, cafes, luncheonettes, snack bars, milk bars, pizzerias, French-style brasseries, Chinese restaurants, and varied cafeterias as well as places that sell crepes, pierogi dumplings, bagels, sandwiches, veggie food - the list is far from complete. 

Selected low-cost eateries in Krakow. 

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Corleone Restaurant in Krakow

Trzy Papryczki
Address: l. Poselska 17. 
Pizzeria Trzy Papryczki is situated at one of cozy little streets in the center of the Old Town. It’ll suffice to turn left (going from the central square) from Grodzka street to find the magic pizzeria. Its snug interior perfectly evokes the climate of an Italian restaurant. The pizzeria offers Italian dishes, wines, desserts, and original pizzas from a wood-fired oven. The professional and friendly staff not only will ensure a considerate service but also they will advise competently and recommend the best dishes as well as wines that match the food excellently. In summer and springtime we invite to a cozy garden full of flowers and vine.
(+48) 122925532. 
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Krakow Restaurants
Krakow is the gastronomic capital of Poland.

Polish menu
Try traditional Polish cuisine in one of Krakow's choice restaurants. Ask for regional specialties of Krakow and the Malopolska province.

Cosmopolitan menu
There is the world standard a traveled gourmet feels at home in. Krakow's best restaurants happily satisfy the worldly tastes.

Multicultural menu
French and Chinese, Italian and Breton, Mexican and Kurdish, African, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. Myriad Krakow restaurants cater to foreign tastes, are run by expats and employ exotic chefs.

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